How The Olive Oil Store Started

The Olive Oil Store, located at The St Johns Town Center in Jacksonville, Florida, was founded by Scott and Tommye Solem. Satisfying his entrepreneurial passion, Scott and his wife moved to Jacksonville, Florida from Michigan in 1984 to purchase and operate the retail golf business, Sun Golf. After the sale of that business in 2004, Scott longed to go back to Northern Michigan to revitalize his family’s cherry orchards. After living in Jacksonville for 25 years, Scott and Tommye moved back to the Traverse City area in Northern Michigan.

During the two years they lived back in Michigan, Tommye discovered an oil and vinegar shop similar to the Olive Oil Store. Having always pursued healthy eating and being a “foodie” at heart, Tommye quickly integrated many of the olive oils and balsamic vinegars into their daily meal preparation. As their knowledge and love for the olive oils and balsamic vinegars grew, they decided to pursue this business idea and move back closer to their grown children. Their friend connected them with an importer who provides some of the freshest premium extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars found in the world, and supplies many olive oil and balsamic vinegar stores now in America.

After visiting olive oil and balsamic vinegar stores in many places in the country, and training with the importer, the birth of the Olive Oil Store took place. Our hope is that you too will fall in love with the many wonderful flavors olive oil and balsamic vinegar can bring to your meals as well as benefit from the vast array of health benefits!