Passion Fruit Vinegar


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Our Passion Fruit vinegar is a flavor sensation of what you would expect when biting into the fresh fruit: highly aromatic with a tropical sweet and tart flavor including nuances of pineapple, papaya, mango, citrus, and guava. A perfect balance of sweet tropical fruit flavors and low acidity, it is delicious over grilled fruit or a fresh fruit salad. Pair it with Japanese Roasted Sesame Oil to make the most delectable fish or chicken marinade. Add to ice cream, mousse, or even as a topping over your favorite fruit and grilled chicken white pizza! It is exquisite in chilled soups, spritzers, or as finishing touch to fresh mozzarella or burrata cheese.

Pairs well with: Tuscan Herb Olive Oil, Lemon Olive Oil, Basil Olive Oil, Chipotle Olive Oil, Cilantro & Onion Olive Oil, Any Varietal (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)