Honey Truffle Glazed Salmon

Posted on May 01, 2012 by Tommye Solem


This wild salmon topped with a honey-truffle glaze is absolutely delicious! White Truffle Oil adds a unique flavor to this honey glaze poured over the salmon. Served with roasted asparagus is the perfect combination for a delicious healthy meal.

wild Sockeye Salmon, (approximately 1/4 lb. per person), skin removed, salt & pepper to taste
3 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
2 Tablespoons unsalted butter
3-5 shallots, minced
3 Tablespoons lightly packed brown cane sugar
2 Tablespoons Champagne Balsamic Vinegar
4 Tablespoons honey
1 Teaspoon White Truffle Oil

In a frypan, heat olive oil. Sprinkle the salmon with salt and pepper. Cook the salmon for 3 minutes per side. Transfer the salmon to an oven safe dish and cover to keep warm. Melt the unsalted butter in the same frypan you used to cook the salmon. Add the shallots and saute` for approximately 5 minutes. Add the brown cane sugar and Champagne Balsamic Vinegar and cook until the sugar is dissolved. Transfer this mixture to a blender and add the honey and White Truffle Oil. Puree until smooth. Preheat the broiler. Pour the honey truffle glaze over the salmon and place under the broiler to finish, approximately 3 minutes. Enjoy! Serves 2-4 (depending on amount of Salmon prepared).

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