Mild, Medium, or Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil? Which do I use?

Posted on March 08, 2013 by Tommye Solem

When our customers see the vast assortment of Extra Virgin Olive Oils in our store, they often ask "which intensity EVOO do I use for which foods?" First of all, let your palate guide you. If you love that bold robust taste of a robust extra virgin olive oil, then you may enjoy its flavor on anything from a grilled steak! If you prefer the more mild tasting extra virgin olive oils, then you will enjoy a mild extra virgin olive oil on just about anything. Here is a general guide just for your reference:

  • Mild Extra Virgin Olive Oils are great for baking, broiled or grilled fish, vegetables, milder cheeses, soups, and sauces.
  • Medium Intensity Extra Virgin Olive Oils are great for grilled meats and vegetables, heavier sauces, pastas, milder cheeses, and bruschetta.
  • Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oils are great for salads, heavier sauces, grilled meats, rustic dishes, pastas, risottos, and bruschetta as well.


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